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Pilot - Drama


When Kyle Kavanagh is chosen first in the MLB draft, he doesn’t realize he’ll be making as much history off the field as on, as he works his way up the minor leagues as baseball’s first openly gay player.


The Show


An ensemble drama/comedy about the players, coaches, journalists, umpires, greenskeepers, mascots, announcers, and front office folk who are ALL chasing the same dream: making it to the MAJORS.


OUT is a combination of Cheers (your corner bar is a bus full of testosterone-fueled animals)and The Walking Dead (characters unexpectedly disappear, be it injury, trade, or simple economics).


Jackie Robinson said “Baseball players die twice.”

For these characters, baseball is all they know. The stakes are high. Failure is devastating.

Untitled Godzilla Western

Feature - Sci-Fi/Western


Arizona, 1865. All able-bodied men have been killed. Three battle-weary women reluctantly join together to find the last stash of bullets in the West. Only three hundred miles of desert and giant aliens stand in their way.


A Mickey Finn

Pilot - Comedy/Drama


The Hangover meets North by Northwest.


Sad sack “Scott From Tampa” thinks he’s getting lucky in Vegas, but wakes up in Oklahoma City, the prime suspect in a murder he can’t remember committing. Desperate to find the truth, Scott encounters a real contract killer, a stuttering white rapper, evil twin sisters, corpse-devouring pigs, a severed head that won’t stay hidden, and just maybe… a new life for himself, as a killer’s apprentice.


The VanDerGhoul Twist

Feature - Ed Wood/Noir


Like every teenager in his Midwestern town, circa 1962, Ernie worships VanDerGhoul, a late-night TV horror-host with a scarred face, a rebellious streak, and a mysterious past. To get away from his conservative, controlling father (with some secrets of his own), Ernie cons his way into a summer job with his hero and makes it his mission to find the out truth about VanDerGhoul. 


Ernie learns about burlesque clubs, fireworks, and vodka, but not much about the man behind the scars, or how to be a man himself.


What Ernie does discover is that VanDerGhoul is a sad, cranky asshole who hates his job, and that his father is a self-hating, closeted homosexual. With nothing left to loose, Ernie devises a plot to become his own horror host, proving to his father that he is a man, and saving VanDerGhoul from self-destruction.

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